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Type of excursion: HIKE Time: 2h30 Distance (km): 5 Ascend cumulated: 150m
Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2 Endurance: 2  
Region: Timanfaya/Tinajo Town: Tinajo/Tenezar   
Price: 38€ Roundtrip: Roundtrip   

Caldera Blanca - short

A nice hiking-excursion in the national park of Timanfaya.
Caldera Blanca is the biggest Caldera on Lanzarote. But the impressive size of this old volcano in the endless lavafields of Timanfaya is only to be seen, when we reach the crater rim and finally have a look into the caldera with its huge diameter of almost 1200 meters.
First we drive to Tinajo where we enter a small gravel road into the heart of Timanfaya. Our hiking-excursion starts directly at the bottom of the old volcano along the huge lavafields of the volcanic eruptions in the 18th century.
After some short but nevertheless interesting and entertaining introductions to plate tectonics, geology and volcanism we ascend to the rocky crater rim on a narrow path. After a short rest where we enjoy the view into the large caldera we continue our excursion to the peak of the volcano – which will take another 30 minutes. Having arrived we relish the sight of the huge lavafields and the chain of the volcanoes of the nearby national park of Timanfaya.
We continue the descend on the crater rim counterclockwise and finally see the bizarre lava on the ground that ran through the gap between the old volcanoes and has been piled up more than 60 meters. You may even be able to feel the lava flowing and one can imagine the enormous energy that was backing the eruptions in the 18th century.

Due to the fact that Caldera Blanca and Caldereta are old volcanoes there is much more wildlife to be seen (and explained) as in the rest of Timanfaya.

Afterwards we have the option to visit a typical Bodega (La Querencia) in the vine-growing district of "La Geria" (UNESCO world heritage) - this bodega offer true ecological vines and is not subject to mass-tourism and busses.
Note: We offer this excursion also in a long variant: Caldera Blanca - long
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