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Caldera de la Rilla
Type of excursion: HIKE Time: 3h30' Distance (km): 5 Ascend cumulated: 0m
Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 1 Endurance: 2  
Region: Timanfaya Town: Mancha Blanca   
Price: 40€ Roundtrip: Roundtrip   

Hike „pure Volcanism“ – Caldera de la Rilla and Volcan Señalo

We drive to Mancha Blanca, where we use a gravel road in order to enter the heart of Timanfaya. Having arrived at the foot of Caldera de la Rilla we begin our tour circling this young volcano along a huge lavafield. We encounter lava-ashes and bizarre rocks while we slowly ascend. After about half a mile we will be surprised by the unexpected and sensational view into the impressive caldera. The long variant features a walk alongside the volcano „Señalo“, where we meet a colorful and constantly changing landscape. Several completely different and bizarre structures created by volcanism invite for great photoshootings. Furthermore we enter one of the many craters.

On our way back we complete the way around Caldera de la Rillda on smooth terrain but nevertheless an amazing landscape.

The time of three and a half hour is due to the fact that lots of explanations regarding the structures are made. Basic and detailed explanations regarding plate-tectonics, geology and volcanism are submitted as well as other specific insights regarding Lanzarote. All visible phenomena on this tour are to be explained in an entertaining but nevertheless scientific manner.

Feature: We enter a volcano inside of a volcanic crater.

This will be one of the most impressive tours you've ever made. If you think that lava is just bare rocks and after some minutes it will probably be boring seeing the same stuff over and over again … you're wrong. You only have to pay if you've enjoyed it.

Either you drive with me or with your own rented car.

After our hike it's up to the participants to visit a typical bodega and learn about the fascinating World Heritage Site of La Geria. The bodega is run by typical winefarmers. No busses, no masstourism.
Gleitschirm Tandemflüge
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