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Exkursions on Lanzarote
Dear customers,
we offer a wide range of interesting and entertaining excursions on Lanzarote for the following target audience (but not exclusive to):

individual excursions

All excursions are conducted in very small groups (2-6 persons), but we also customize standard-tours to your personal interests and abilities. Moreover I can compile interesting excursions for seniors and children.
Be it hiking in the Ajaches, on the stunning cliffs of Famara or in the middle of a volcano in the Nationalpark of Timanfaya. Everyone should be able to find a suitable. tour.
For those of you who want to excercise while on vacation we offer a wide variety of bike-tours. There are ambitious Mountain-Bike-Trips, excursions with streetbikes or very easy excursions with electric bikes (eBikes). eBikes offer a phantastic way of discovering Lanzarote in more detail without requiring lot of preparations. If you focus on recreation for your holidays you might consider one of my geological hiking trips right into the volcanoes of the Nationalpark "Timanfaya". A small but nevertheless very interesting walk of two and a half mile might be a perfect change.
As well the overview of excursions for MTB-, eBike-Touren and hiking and the downloadable of my tour overview include the time/durance of each excursion from an empirical point of view. These times are without pickup/transport (way out and back). Please calculate your time generously. We want to savor this special day instead of rushing around.

Offers and intentions

As an experienced guide I want to show you something new and open as well your mind as your eyes as I explain the characteristics of this amazing island. You will enjoy some hours far away from your daily grind and probably you'll find new insights into your everyday life problems. Additionally you'll do some exertion, experiencing the fresh air and nature and finally a day out will be more recreative than a nap at the pool.

My ambition is, that any tour with me will be the highlight of your holidays.
All excursions feature scientific but nevertheless entertaining explanations regarding
Gleitschirm Tandemflüge
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