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Type of excursion: HIKE Time: 4h30' Distance (km): 1 Ascend cumulated: 0m
Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 1 Endurance: 0  
Region: Haria/Lanzarote North    
Price: 45€ Roundtrip: Roundtrip   

„Famara Cliffs“ a very nice and easy trip to the spectacular cliffs of Famara

The breathtaking cliffs of Famara offer spectacular viewpoints and the special nature of this part of Lanzarote has many peculiar characteristics. This trip is suitable for smaller children, seniors and people who do not want to walk a lot.
We are driving with the car to the most beautiful viewpoints (insider-tips) in this nice area. At every one of these sites we only have to walk a couple of meters.
On our way into the northern part of the island we stop every now and then to see some of the specialties of this part of the island: Cochenille, a cactusgarden and the biggest lavatunnel of the world (amongst others). Having arrived at the „Mirador del Rio“ we enjoy the sight down onto the blue sea and the neighboring island of „La Graciosa“.
Our next stop is „Las Rosas“. Now we see the cliffs and La Graciosa from a different point of view. Very Interesting and descriptive information regarding watersupply on these dry islands round it off.

Another stop with a small hike provides us with new insights on the nature. Especially there are a lot of confiding lizards (which is a highlight for kids) and moreover we get a lot of explanation on the protected bird life. Anyway the stunning sights here will thrill you! Next stop is one of the few locations on Lanzarote where you can see the sea on both sides. More spectacular views guaranteed! Furthermore we see the „valley of 1000 Palm-Trees“ from above and learn what's so special about it.

In Haria we make a break for a coffe or other refreshment (optional visit of the handcraft-market on saturdays) and relish the amazing and relaxed mediterrean atmosphere.
Afterwards we head to the “Mirador de Haria”, where we get some explanations regarding history of the canary islands – afterwards we know a lot why these valleys look so strange.
Then we make a visit to the only forest on Lanzarote called: “Bosquecillo”. Of course this small “forest” has it's own background and special views into the small desert of El Jable.
We make another small hike to an absolute Insider-Tip, which will surprise us with more stunning views from another point of view.

One of the most beautiful viewpoints is shown next: the chapel of the snow virgin („Ermita de las Nieves“).
Note: the participants will receive comprehensive information on wildlife and many other characteristics of Lanzarote and La Graciosa. We also offer a short variant of this excursion which is more suitable for kids and seniors.
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