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Geocaching on Lanzarote

For Geocachers I offer 'accompanied caching'

In order to prepare your caching-holidays on Lanzarote in an ideal manner, I strongly recommend, you require my arrow list of all Geocaches on Lanzarote

I am an experienced guide and geocacher since 2003. I offer the best excursions on the island; with lots of information about wildlife, geology, volcanism and history. My excursions are individually customized to each participant. Very small groups (from one person). Promise: this will be the highlight of your holidays.

'Accompanied Caching' includes informational trips along the best caches with my car.
I.e. I drive you along the best caches (you haven't visited yet) and I know the best 'Parking Spots', so you can do up to ten caches a day (or more) - which is hardly possible if you're not familiar with the area.

Why should I need a Guide? I am a Geocacher

Well, there are many reasons why geocaching can not completely replace a guide. From my point of view the main reason is simply that you miss a lot of things when heading for the target-coordinates, because your focus is targeting to the cache. In Lanzarote we have a lot of caches in some really special surrounding. Lanzarote is the only island which is completely under the status of Biosphere-Reservate. We have species (animals and plants) that do not exist elsewhere in the world. Accompanied caching means that I will show you all these special life-forms while we're on our way to ground zero.
Some more 'rational' reasons may be:
Furthermore .
You can also do MTB-EXCURSIONS with me along six to seven caches – on one easy day trip. If you think Mountain-Biking is too hard for you - I can also offer a cache day out on e-Bikes.
On any of my excursions I provide interesting information on wildlife, geology, volcanism, the heritage of the guanches and much, much more...– contact me!

Disclaimer: I don't provide spoilers.
happy geocaching
ela & -m*sh-
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