Geocaching on Lanzarote - the complete guide
Hello Geocachers! If you are planning to spend your holidays on Lanzarote - you should not miss this list.
I am maintaining a list of all caches on Lanzarote with a rating and recommendations.
The list is maintained with the intention of helping you to make the most of your holidays, find caches that suits your needs, organize tours along the caches and - last but not least - show you the best places. Anyway: In order to understand the specialties of the island I strongly recommend a printed guide – or you can book exciting excursions with me.
Due to the fact that caches are changing (some are added and others are archived) on a frequent basis I check the list against the current set of caches before sending this list out to you. Hence you can not download it. You need to contact me in order to get the list. Usually you will have the list in 24 hours.
happy geocaching
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