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MTB cueva del Agua
Type of excursion: MTB Time: 3h30' Distance (km): 30 Ascend cumulated: 0m
Difficulty: 3 Terrain: 2 Endurance: 3  
Region: Teguise Town: Los cocoteros   
Price: 35€ Roundtrip: Roundtrip   

MTB-Tour „Cueva del Agua“ - Los Cocoteros

In order to conserve our energy we use an asphalted road for the first 130m of altitude. After about 5 km we turn to the east, following a gravel road and get a first Off-Road-Feeling.
Without further ascends we relish the sights of fields and wildlife in this nice bird sanctuary. After another 4 km we enjoy a fast descend on a challenging road ending up at a big goat farm.
After another quick ascend we arrive at the foot of the volcano Tinamala, before we enjoy another challenging descent to the sea.
At Los Cocoteros we see the old Salina of Guatiza und learn a lot about the history of Lanzarote.
Along the spectacular coastline we're heading north until we arrive at a small path – finally leading to the Cueva del Agua, which is a volcanic funnel that is fed by the sea when the tide is high, forcing the water to leave in bizarre fountains. Due to this fact this tour is usually offered only on high tide. This jewel is known by very few people on the island.

Next we ascend to Guatiza before we continue our way back home, which more or less lacks further ascends. Instead we have some great downhill sections.
After a speedy descend on a sandy path we'll reach another gravel road (downhill) and turn westward onto a single trail between Mta. Corona and Montaña Tejia. Even MTB-Professionals state that this is one of the most wonderful descends on Lanzarote.

Along another challenging single trail we're finally circling around Volcano Mta. Corona until we return to Costa Teguise.

a stop in a bar in Guatiza is optional
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