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Water on Lanzarote
Type of excursion: MTB Time: 2h30 Distance (km): 11 Ascend cumulated: 0m
Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 0 Endurance: 1  
Region: Teguise Town: Costa Teguise   
Price: 25€ Roundtrip: Roundtrip   

Easy trip along the beaches of Costa Teguise. Lots of information provided on the topic of water and how agriculture and farming is managed on this dry Island without any water.
We'll see all the beaches of Costa Teguise and enjoy the coastal way as well as the nice parks of Costa Teguise with exotic plants. This is less a MTB-Tour than just a very informative and entertaining afternoon. Most suitable for children as well.
Gleitschirm Tandemflüge
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