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Tandemflüge auf Lanzarote

Tandemflights on Lanzarote

Tandemflights on Lanzarote are a great way to boost your holiday experience.
But a tandem flight is as well a matter of trust. Don't miss the chance for a great flight in case you are on holiday on lanzarote - or even living here. Hans and Adriana are very expereinced an professional providers of tandem-flights.

All you need is some warm sporty clothing, sunglasses, sturdy shoes (sport shoes will do). There is no restriction in age and if you're between 40kg (90 pounds) and 100kg (225 pounds) you could be ready to go.
In order to make a booking - contact Adriana directly: 0034 666 103 425

You can also find them on Facebook: Lanzarote Tandemflights on Facebook

Note: On Lanzarote you can only book tandemflights from November until March. The rest of the year Adriana and Hans are offering their services in South Tyrol.

You can also visit their new homepage: lanzarote-tandemflights.com
tandemflight with Adriana and Hans


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Gleitschirm Tandemflüge
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