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Type of excursion: MTB Time: 1h 30' Distance (km): 12 Ascend cumulated: 250m
Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2 Endurance: 1  
Region: Teguise Town: Costa Teguise/Saga   
Price: 10€ Roundtrip: Roundtrip   

MTB – Introductory Tour

The “introductory-tour” intents to show you the terrain and other specialties when it comes to Mountain-Biking on Lanzarote. Additionally I can see your skills and so I am able to propose other trips that suit your abilities. Even if it's just an easy single-trail on first sight you will encounter sand, gravel, rocks, harsh and soft terrain that will alternate within just a few meters and thus result in a challenging ride.

Some power and endurance is required but mainly you need a good balance. We do some 300ft. of altitude on an asphalt road before we enter an offroad track that leads to a beautiful single-trail.

Our first short descent will be quite challenging before we encounter more single-trails in the plains around Mta. Corona with small obstacles, that can be easily transcended. Then we arrive at a typical road without tarmac but lots of gravel. You'll get a feeling how exhausting it might be to cover large distances.

Some uphill and downhill sections will follow until we finally enter a small path between Mta. Corona and Mta. Tejia which is one of the finest MTB-tracks on the whole island of Lanzarote.

Along another challenging single trail we're circling around Volcano Mta. Corona until we finally get back through Costa Teguise on rarely used roads and some unpaved paths. Depending on your constitution and abilities this tour extends from about 12 to 17 km (approx. 7.5 - 1.1 miles)

Note: due to the limited amount of time on this excursion you won't receive as much explanations regarding wildlife and other characteristics, as on other trips.
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