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We offer several services on Lanzarote:

Professional experience for many years in these categories ensures that the needs of our customers are the center of any activity.

Our excursions claim to be the very highlight of your holidays.

The IT-Services aim to put your wishes into practice - in a manner that suits you best. Converting technology into a tool customized to your need.

And last but not least we cover several health-care-services - focussing on your personal well-being and health.

The repertoire of Excursions covers a wide variety of tours, guided hiking in the nationalpark of Timanfaya and excursions with Mountainbikes (MTB) or eBikes/Pedelecs. Segway-Trips and roundtrips on the island (with the car) round off our offers even for senior citizens and handicapped people.

All excursions feature very small groups (2-6 persons), individual attendance, and lot of interesting but nevertheless entertaining information on Geology/Volcanism, wildlife, history and more.
100% satisfaction guaranteed and a money-back-option for most of our excursions ensure you're not buying the pig in a poke.

Our IT-Services are focusing on programing, websites, networking and software (Linux).

The health-care division includes qualified medical care, rehab, physiotherapy and complementary services such as light-therapie with bio-photons, bioenergetics and wellness.
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